Introduction of people writing articles

Nika Tresor

Nika is a Romanian based in Vienna with an affinity for everything Japanese. Loves traveling, street fashion, and otaku culture.

Francis Astom

I am Francis, a teacher and an adventurer from the Philippines. An avid learner, I love learning new and exciting things about the sciences, culture, and the arts.

Liam Anthony Gallagher

I'm Liam, I'm from Manchester, UK. I'm interested in EVERYTHING the world has to offer!

Aliyah Ali

I'm Aliyah, born and raised in upstate New York, USA and I love videography, the arts, traditional culture, and all things Japan.

Danni Peck

Danni is a writer from the United States who loves Japanese culture. When she's not writing, she's watching anime and playing Japanese video games and she hopes to travel to Japan one day.

Vladimir Jonic

Vladimir is an English teacher from Serbia, who likes to write in his spare time usually about things that he is passionate about like music, Japan, video games.

Axay Manjrekar

Axay is an entrepreneur, an English trainer and a foodie from India, who loves to wander about in search of new experiences, new cuisines and new friends...